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Special assistance

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I have special needs. What facilities are available at the airport?

Please see our special assistance page that features a comprehensive breakdown of all the facilities available at London Southend Airport.

How do I request special assistance at the airport?

Please contact your airline or travel operator at least 48 hours before you fly to inform them you need assistance at the airport. 

However, if you arrive at the airport without booking special assistance, please head to our ticket desk in the entrance concourse of the terminal. If you need help getting from the car park, press the assistance button on the entrance barrier.

Please note that priority is given to passengers who have booked in advance.

Find out more about booking special assistance on our website.

How do I know if I will need assistance?

If you have a condition or disability and you feel that assistance from staff at Southend would make your journey easier, then you should book assistance. Whether you have difficulties with mobility or a hidden disability including impaired sight, lack of hearing, autism or dementia, our staff are on hand to help.

If I have organised special assistance will I be able to stay with my family or group through security?

If you have booked special assistance and are unable to travel through the airport without a carer or companion, we will ensure that they can accompany you throughout the entire journey. If you are travelling in a larger group then it would be best to nominate one person to stay with you. Companions may be asked to vacate our mobility equipment should it be required for special assistance passengers. 

Will I continue to get assistance on my flight?

Yes. To get assistance on the aircraft you need to book through your airline, so they will be aware of your needs. Your assistance will continue for as long as you need it on your journey.

Is there any help I can get when I travel to the airport?

Most public transport operators have arrangements for passengers with special needs. If you need special assistance at Southend Airport railway station please contact the station team.

There are conveniently located disabled bays in our short stay and long stay car parks. If you need help getting to or from your car, please contact us before you travel or press the assistance button on the barrier prior to entry.

Long Stay 1 car park is closest to the terminal, with the shortest distance to the check in concourse.

I have a condition/disability but I don’t want special assistance, is that ok?

There is no requirement to inform us, it is entirely your choice. However we do offer discreet wristbands as a subtle sign to our staff that additional support may be required.

Do you consult with disability organisations?

Southend regularly meets and consults with disability organisations. We also engage with organisations working with hidden disabilities such as the Action on Hearing loss, Dementia Action Alliance and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Do you report on your performance standards in this area?

We constantly monitor our quality standards to ensure we are meeting our targets and commitments to passengers with reduced mobility and other needs. You can download our reporting data and other related leaflets and documents on the special assistance page of our website.


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