Runway works

Find out more about our planned runway works starting in January 2019.

Frequently asked questions

What are the runway works for?

It is essential to maintain a safe runway. The last set of major runway works were in 2011 and were part of the runway extension development. Previous to that, maintenance was carried out in 1994. As part of the strategic plan for continued investment to cater for increased aircraft operations, within our existing S106 Planning Agreement, we are enhancing the durability and stopping distance of the runway.

Is the runway being extended?

NO – There were concerns from local residents following a misleading headline in a local newspaper that the runway was being extended. This is not true. LSA is carrying out planned maintenance to the which will see a new surface laid onto the existing runway. This will improve the safe and efficient operation of the runway. Runway resurfacing is a major maintenance task that every airport operator has to carry out periodically.

When will it start?

7th January 2019

How long will it last?

Approximately 3 months.

Which end of the runway are you starting from?

The works will begin at the north east (Rochford) end of the runway and progress towards the south west (Leigh on Sea).

Are you resurfacing the taxiways as well as the runway?

No. There will be a small amount of levelling required where the taxiways join the runway.

How noisy will it be?

The nature of these works means that some disturbance is unavoidable, we will make every effort to ensure that any disturbance is minimised.

Noise levels will be monitored before and during the works.

Wherever possible, plant equipment will have noise reducers on including white noise bleepers, muffled generators and be fitted with super silenced engines.

Do you need building/planning permission before you can start work?

No. The work can be carried out under ‘Permitted Development’.

Does this work fit within the current S106 agreement?

The existing S106 Planning Agreement does not prevent the airport from carrying out this type of maintenance work during the night time.

Will you be monitoring the noise at night?

Yes. We have been using a mobile noise monitor to record the levels of noise on the runway at night prior to the work commencing and will continue to measure noise levels until the works are complete.

What about light pollution? The spotlights are shining into my bedroom preventing me from sleeping!

Lighting used during the works, such as a Generator Light Tower will be directionally managed to ensure it is not directed towards properties outside of the Airfield.

Will the vehicle reversing alarms be noisy?

Health & Safety controls do not permit us to turn off reversing alarms however where possible, the contractors will be using vehicles fitted with 'White Noise' reversing alarms. White sound reversing alarms work effectively at lower decibel ratings, the sound emitted is directional and therefore contained within the danger area behind the vehicle.

Will there be a lot of dust/dirt?

The site will be kept clean and free from all dust and obstacles. There will be a runway inspection every morning before it is re-opened.

What regulations will you be working to?

CAA and European Aviation Safety Agency regulations.

Where will the plant vehicles be routed?

HGV’s delivering materials will arrive via the A127 to Aviation Way and will enter the site via the north side of the airport.

Main traffic routes will be used to minimise traffic on local roads.

What measures are in place to monitor air pollution?

The airport already monitors air quality at 4 sites around the airfield and shares the results will the local councils. The current levels of NO2 are well within Government guidelines.

What if my flight is delayed – will I still be able to land at Southend?

If the arrival time of your flight is delayed past 23:30 you may be diverted to an alternative airport. Flight delays will be closely monitored throughout the day and the airport will be in close contact with the airlines in the event that diversions are necessary.

Who can I contact to make a complaint about noise?

If you do wish to complaint about noise relating to the runway works, please do so by emailing

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