Logistics Operation

Your questions about our new logistics partnership answered.

Logistics Operation

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard about a new freight operation from the Airport. Why hasn’t the Airport announced this?

The Airport is continuously working to attract new partners. Due to the sensitivity around aviation contracts, we are not always able to make announcements or disclose information about the agreements we put in place.

Why weren’t the local residents consulted?

The Airport has previously consulted with residents ahead of confirming its existing S106 Planning Agreement and is not planning to do anything outside that agreement.

How does this fit in with your current controls and quotas?

Our S106 Planning Agreement allows for a total number of air traffic movements (ATMs) per annum of 53,300. During the 2018-19 reporting period there was a total of 32,665 movements meaning we are well within our agreed limits.

There is a limit on the number of freight flights which can operate each year, which is 5,330 or 10% of the total ATMs in a quota year. The number of freight flights anticipated in the next 12 months is well under this figure.

When are the flights starting?

There will be a phased introduction of these new services, which started on 11th October 2019.

How many night flights will there be?

The logistics operator will run a schedule which will include one night-time departure and two night-time arrivals.

Will the freight flights operate at weekends?

Yes, the operation provides for movements up to 7 days a week.

What aircraft are being used?

Boeing 737-400F

How noisy are the B737-400F?

The noise levels are equivalent to a Ryanair B738, or a departing easyJet A319/A320, and are well within our noise quota count system.

How many lorries will be driving to and from the airport per day/night to transport the freight?

There will be four lorries allocated to each departing flight and three for each arriving flight. Of these we expect some to arrive/leave the airport site during the night, (no more than deliveries in to local retail units).

None of the lorries are expected to arrive/leave the airport site at peak rush hour times.

Where will the lorries enter the airport site?

The lorries will travel down Aviation Way to the north of the airport, away from residential properties.

Where will the freight be unloaded from the aircraft and loaded onto the lorries?

An existing hangar has been converted for the new logistics operator on the north of the airfield.

Are any dangerous goods being transported?

No. And all freight will be subject to UK Cargo Regulations

Has this new contract got anything to do with Eddie Stobart lorries?


How many jobs will this create?

It has already created over 200 new jobs.

Will local people be employed?

Yes, the airport always advertises any new job opportunities locally.

Will the size of operation increase?

There is an initial two-year agreement. Any increase in the size of operation will be within the existing S106 controls.


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