Trendy Scandinavian capital

Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen is the epicentre of Scandi-cool. Its historic centre contains Frederiksstaden, an 18th-century rococo district, while nearby is the Renaissance-era Rosenborg Castle, surrounded by gardens and home to the crown jewels. Aside from its historical centre, it’s also home to well-kept waterways, a thriving fashion and design scene and a smattering of Michelin-starred restaurants. One of the best ways to explore the city is by bike, with many tours operating in the area. Take in impressive landmarks such as the Little Mermaid and breeze through the various parks.

Country: Denmark
Airline: Ryanair
Currency: Danish Kroner (DKK)
Journey Time: 1hr 50m
Language: Danish
Time Difference: UTC+1 (EET)
Summer (DST): UTC+2 (EEST)


Getting here

Image of map from London Southend Airport to Copenhagen

Top Picks

Whilst you are in Copenhagen, make the most of your stay and check out our top things to do and see!

Tivoli Gardens

The world’s second oldest theme park, Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 and fast became a favourite spot for Danish author Hans Christian Andersen who was a regular visitor, and Walt Disney, with the latter finding the inspiration for Disney World there. In fact, it’s so famous that some people travel to Copenhagen just to visit Tivoli Gardens and ride its Roller Coaster, one of the world’s oldest wooden roller coasters. And with its nostalgic atmosphere, 19th century romantic view of the world, pretty garden and live music performances, it’s a charming place to spend the day, even if you’re not a Coaster Head.

Tivoli Gardens


Translated into English as ‘new harbour’ this beautiful old waterfront is anything but. It sits next to a 17th century canal, where old wooden ships are moored, and each side of it is flanked by tall painted houses, with 18, 20 and 67 – each of which is marked with a plaque – once serving as home to famed fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen at different points in his life. Dating back to the 1600s and 1700s, the ground floor of these buildings now serve as bars, cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating, making it one of the most popular spots to spend time in the summer.

image of Nyhavn

Rent a bicycle

There are few cities in the world that are quite so bike-friendly as Copenhagen. Not only is it remarkably flat – which certainly helps – but in a bid to help to reduce pollution and encourage people to cycle everywhere, the city has especially broad cycle lanes. Locals ride regularly and the city is so safe to cycle in that you’ll often see people without helmets. There are countless companies offering rental bikes but the City Bike scheme has to be our favourite as its newest bikes come with a touch-screen tablet and built-in GPS. So no more getting lost on your way to that cute little coffee shop.

image of a bicycle

The Little Mermaid

Also referred as Den Lille Havfrue, this is probably the most famous landmark in all of Copenhagen. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” this bronze statue was completed by Danish–Icelandic sculptor Edward Eriksen in 1909 and was the catalyst for the Walt Disney animated film of the same name. Perched on the promenade of Copenhagen’s harbour, it’s not only a tourist magnet, its depiction of a mermaid becoming human is also a universal symbol of the power of enduring love.

The Little Mermaid

Fun Facts

Copenhagen is the capital of the happiest country in the world, according to the World Happiness Report conducted by the UN.

The city of Copenhagen is quite small, compared to other cities in the Scandinavia region, yet it boasts over a dozen Michelin star restaurants.

It was originally a fishing village known as “Havn” or “harbour” – the herring was plentiful but the village was vulnerable to attacks from pirates.

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