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Therapist dogs programme - Essex Therapy Dogs

London Southend Airport are working in partnership with Essex Therapy Dogs. Bringing wet noses and wagging tails to the terminal to help you feel welcomed and relaxed.

Known to reduce anxiety, therapy dogs can help even the most nervous of fliers to regain their confidence. Our four-legged friends will roam the terminal every week to offer a friendly stroke or a furry cuddle to anyone who needs one.

All of our therapy dogs are trained by Essex Therapy Dogs to bring comfort and reduce anxiety – particularly around nervous people, or those experiencing stress. The therapy dogs and their accompanying handlers are a great addition to our customer service team, bringing a PAWfect experience to London Southend Airport!

Make sure you share your pictures on social media if you see any of the Essex Therapy Dog Crew in the terminal using the hashtag #Essextherapydogs. We can't wait to see those fluffy faces!

Meet The Team!

airport dogs, nala


Nala is a 1 year old Golden Retriever born in December 2020. She is the most loving, gentle and patient girl. She loves swimming and going on long hikes with her mum. Nala welcomes affection from everyone and has the tenancy to want to hold your hand! She was born with one ear smaller than the other making her uniquely special! She loves visiting her friends at the care home for those with Dementia and brings a smile to everyone's faces with just one look. She looks forward to meeting you all on Thursdays and Sundays!



Charlie is a 4 year old Labradoodle. He is friendly, patient and gentle and enjoys a cuddle. He doesn't look like your average labradoodle as he is neither lab or doodle but an adorable scruffy pooch. With a bit of attention he will be your best friend. Charlie visits most Fridays and Sundays to welcome our passengers

bobby square


Bobby is a West Highland Terrier (Westie) born in October 2018. He lives with his family and an older Westie in Southend on sea. Bobby loves jumping in puddles and streams but is a little wary of the waves in the sea. Bobby adores being made a fuss of by anyone, especially children. He enjoys his agility equipment and performing ‘tricks’ to earn a treat. The park is his favourite place, especially if there are squirrels to chase, other dogs to play catch with or children to cuddle. You can see Bobby in the terminal every Friday



This is Jazz, a Papillon Phalene which means ‘night-moth’ in French due to their floppy ears. He is 9 years old and was a rehome. He loves his ball. He lives with Merlin and four cats who are all bigger than him. He goes with Merlin to the Day Centre every week and they both visit the airport together on a Friday



This is Merlin who is a 10 year old Eurasier and who looks like a great big teddy bear. He has a lovely nature but can be very stubborn at times. He has passed the Kennel Clubs Good Citizens Gold Standard so is very well trained. He currently visits a Day Centre for adults for learning disabilities and dementia where he gets treats for doing absolutely nothing. You can meet Merlin with his best friend Jazz on a Friday in the terminal



Harley is a 5 year old Rottweiler who has a fantastic temperament and loves everyone - dogs or humans. Harley lives with Lola, a French Bulldog and although he’s much bigger, his little sister is definitely the boss in the household. He also visits a Day Centre for adults with dementia and learning disabilities which he really enjoys. Meet Harley every Monday



Oscar is a 5 year old Spanish Water Dog and is often confused with a labradoodle. He has a cheeky nature and is very loving. He likes nothing better than for his belly to be rubbed. People love stroking his fur because of it’s unusual texture, and he has been likened to a bath rug and a fluffy blanket! He visits Writtle University to calm students before exams and to help with mental health and well-being and a Junior School where he listens to children read to him. You can see Oscar at the airport every Wednesday

Southend Airpaws partnership

London Southend Airport have teamed up with Essex Therapy Dogs to give this service to airport passengers.

*Scheduled visits are subject to change

For more information please visit Essex Therapy Dogs.


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