Noise Management at London Southend Airport

The dedicated Noise Manager for London Southend Airport is Mrs Jo Marchetti. Complaints regarding noise at the airport should be made in the first instance to our new complaints system, please follow the link to the noise form.

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Investigating the Event

Once the data relating to the complaint has been recorded, it will be investigated. The investigation will be processed through the Noise Desk system and may involve further actions as necessary to establish the circumstances of the flight. If further information is needed the person making the complaint will be requested to provide more information / specific details so the investigation can continue.

Once the investigation is complete the findings will be recorded in the database, including, if necessary, a summary of any conversation / correspondence with the person making the complaints.

The Airport collates monthly noise complaint data which it reports to the Airport Consultative Committee and other organisations. Given the need to report accurately and also to report on a timely basis, we regret we are unable to process noise complaints, which are more than 2 weeks after the noise event. We will investigate and respond to you. In addition a summary of all noise complaints will be included in the Airport's Annual Report.


Once fully investigated, a written response will be sent explaining the event which created the noise incident and will conclude whether the identified aircraft was operating to standard procedures, with the airport's operating conditions.

The response will ask for the person making the noise complaint to respond within 10 days if they are dissatisfied otherwise the matter will be closed.

The appointed noise manager will continue to investigate any further comments on the matter. However, if after further investigation and further response the person making the noise comment remains dissatisfied, the matter will be referred to the Airport Consultative Committee for further consideration.

Click on the link at the top of this page to download the Southend Airport Action Plan document which was adopted in August 2014.

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