Charity Policy

Each year London Southend Airport and Stobart Group support and sponsor different local and national charities.

Due to the large numbers of requests received for donations and sponsorship, Stobart Group has developed a Charity Policy and each year they enter into a partnership to support a chosen charity.

In addition, as a result of Stobart Group having a number of sites across the UK and Ireland, London Southend Airport also supports local charities and charitable organisations which have an association with our employees. This also encourages employees to become involved in local charities and their community. We have recently continued our support of the Southend Hospital Elizabeth Loury Cancer Ward Garden, Little Haven's Hospice, Turning Tides and HARP.

London Southend Airport Charity Funding Application

Funding is awarded annually each January. Funding for the current years application is now open. All applications must be received through the below form by 31st December of that year to be considered for funding. All successful applicants will be phoned or contacted by post no later than 31st January of the following year.

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