Update on Previously Consulted Airspace to the North East and East of LSA

Please find details below regarding Previously Consulted Airspace to the North East and East of LSA

Latest news

LSA submitted an ACP to the CAA in March 2017 under the CAP 725 process. During the review process, it was decided that LSA should undertake engagement with stakeholders who may have an interest in the ACP. The engagement activity took place during 2019. Please click here for a link to the document. LSA has submitted an addendum ACP to the CAA in January 2020 for their review.

Why is LSA doing this now?

LSA began the ACP to reintroduce Controlled Airspace back in 2012 with consultation taking place on the proposed airspace design during 2013. In 2014, LSA submitted an ACP to the CAA for their determination. The proposal for the airspace design that was submitted to the CAA was reduced in size to that presented in the consultation document following feedback and changes to policy. In the CAA decision letter the majority of the airspace was approved, however, did not approve CTA 11 (formerly CTA 8 during consultation) and only approved part of CTA 10 (formerly CTA 6 during consultation).

The CAA confirmed; ‘If LSA wishes to introduce any further CAS, the airport would first need to prove that traffic levels and/or levels of complexity justify the requirement for this airspace and a separate ACP would have to be submitted in order to gain CAA approval. If such an application is received within two years of implementation and the increased airspace requirement is within that contained in Enclosure 4, there would not be a requirement for further consultation, as LSA has already consulted on this airspace.’

LSA submitted an ACP in March 2017 to implement the airspace as the traffic levels, as well as complexity, was increasing.

What happens next?

LSA has submitted an addendum ACP to the CAA for their review and decision in January 2020. If approved the airspace could be introduced during Autumn 2020.

Original Controlled Airspace ACP documents, referred to in Appendix 01 of the engagement document


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