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Please see information regarding Future Airspace Strategy Implementation South below.

Latest news

London Southend Airport (LSA) is a stakeholder in the development of the wider UK Airspace Modernisation Strategy that is sponsored by the Department for Transport and has been developed by the CAA. Please read more information.

This will see a once in a lifetime opportunity to modernise airspace, in particular in the SE region of the UK, that has not had any significant changes for the last 50 years. LSA have filed an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) to support this strategy. LSA has appointed Cyrrus to support us with the development of the ACP.

Learn more about LSA’s progress with this ACP.

Following the submission of the Stage 2a and 2b documentation, the CAA has completed the Develop and Assess Gateway Assessment and is not satisfied that the change sponsor (LSA) has met the requirements of the Process up to this point. The CAA does not approve progress to the next Step. Further explanation for this decision is contained in the published document: Develop & Assess Gateway Outcome – January 2023.

London Southend Airport will be resubmitting the revised documentation in the September 2023 Gateway. LSA will confirm the revised Gateway date once agreed.

Once LSA has resubmitted the documentation and successfully passed through the gateway, work will begin on Stage 3 ‘Consult’. There are 4 parts to Stage 3:

  1. Stage 3A: Consultation Preparation
  2. Stage 3B: Consultation Approval > Gateway
  3. Stage 3C: Commence Consultation
  4. Stage 3D: Collate and Review Responses

Further information is available here on the CAP1616 process that LSA is required to follow.

More information will be published on this webpage when available.