Lost Property

Leaving items at the airport is not unusual. All items found within the passenger terminal and on inbound flights are documented and stored for 3 months.

Enquiries regarding lost property can be made to the London Southend Airport Ticket Desk.

For information regarding an item please fill in the form below.

For items left on board an aircraft (outbound flights) please contact your airline for further information.

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Terms and Conditions:

London Southend Airport (LSA) keeps lost property for a maximum of 3 months. Lost property found within the airport and not collected within 3 months may be donated to various charities. Lost property found on inbound flights will be returned to the airline (or their selected handling agents) after a period of 1 month.

According to the lost property law, ownership is relinquished if an enquiry has not been made for a recovered item within 3 months.

Administration Fee:

An administration fee of £5 (GBP) is charged when the owner collects the recovered item. This is to cover the costs of storage, registration, opening hours and other administrative duties.

LSA is not responsible for organising or paying for any courier or posting items which cannot be collected in person.

Recovered items, where the owner has contacted LSA and is to collect it at the Ticket Desk, are kept for up to one month from then the owner has been information of the items whereabouts.

We are responsible only for recovered items and not for lost items.

Place of Jurisdiction:

British Law is applicable.