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How will the car park at Warner’s Bridge, Rochford Road operate?

The car park for which planning consent is sought will be operated as a ‘Valet Parking Service’.  The way this will function is that passengers using the airport will have the option to book this service in advance of their travel so that when they arrive at the airport terminal, they are met by a member of the Valet Parking Team who will then take their car and park it for them.  Initially the car maybe parked within one of the designated on airport car parks, before being transferred to the Valet Car Park site at Warner’s Bridge, Rochford Road.  The timing of the transfer between the airport terminal and the Warner’s Bridge site is not related to when passengers arrive for their flights and can be done to suit operational requirements and to avoid times when road traffic is at its peak.  Similarly, when cars are collected and returned to the terminal for collection by arriving passengers the same process can apply.  The volume of traffic movements associated with the Valet Parking operation will be very small and have no noticeable impact on traffic conditions.  The avoidance of peak times for the transfer of vehicles is operationally important as it reduces the time staff are taken away from the airport.

Passengers will not be directed to take their vehicles to the car park at Warner’s Bridge themselves.  This will only be undertaken by members of the Valet Parking Team.

The full planning application can be viewed on the Southend Borough Council web site by clicking here.